Failover Test Successful

University Information Technology Services conducted a  successful test of the secondary failover site on Sunday, May 19.  The goal was to verify that continuity of the services listed below could be maintained at the Chemistry Building secondary site, with the same functionality as provided in the primary site in the Math/Science Building Data Center. Tested were: networking, authentication, web pages, and email.  Once the services were cut-over from MSB to Chemistry, the services were exercised at the failover site for more than two hours.

The following web pages were tested successfully:


Authentication protocols were tested successfully:

  • Active Directory
  • CAS
  • Kerberos
  • LDAP

Employee Email (Exchange) and all components worked:

  • We did experience a few documentation issues related to the email cut-over that we have identified and corrected.
  • We also had an issue with listserv messages delivering more quickly than our spam appliances were able to accept, resulting in some of the test messages being denied delivery.  We will modify the spam appliances to address this scenario.

Collaboration and communication through each phase was successful

  • Command Center in M001
  • Check List – hand offs

A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to discuss some off the items that surfaced during this test to refine the processes.

Jason Pufahl, Chief Information Security Officer, extended his appreciation to everyone who came participated early Sunday morning, adding that “it’s very gratifying to know that we have the ability to run these services in another site if necessary.”