SafeConnect Performance Improvements Have Begun

The Information Security Office (ISO) has taken steps to address some of the problems associated with the SafeConnect application (i.e. repeated re-authentication and policy key download requirements). Impulse Point, the application vendor, has worked with the ISO to address the problems and determine solutions.

Users began to see an improvement in SafeConnect performance once it was re-enabled on Monday, April 22, 2013 AND only after one of the following situations occurred:

  • Wired network connections users will need to authenticate.
  • Wireless users on UCONN-SECURE will not need to authenticate.
  • Mobile devices on wireless, as well as devices without the policy key software, will likely need to open a web browser and browse to an external website if they lose connectivity, this action will restore network service.

SafeConnect policies will be enforced beginning  today, Tuesday, April 23, 2013.

  • Policies, in addition to authentication (such as antivirus requirements), will be assessed as they were the last time SafeConnect was online.

Users should contact the Technology Support Center 860.486.4357 for assistance/questions.

For more information, contact: Information Security Office at