Information Security Tip: Lock It When You Leave It

Never leave your computer logged in when you walk away, not even for a minute. Make it a habit to log off your workstation whenever you get up.

Remember to always leave your Windows computer locked by:

  • Pressing the keyboard shortcut combination of the Windows logo key and the letter “L” on a Microsoft natural keyboard. Get it? Leave Windows by pressing the Windows logo + L keys together to lock it up; or,
  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together, and then press <ENTER>.

Remember to always leave your Mac computer locked by:

  • Using the keyboard shortcut of holding down the Control+Shift+Eject keys together. This will lock the Mac screen if you have enabled this setting under “System Preferences”.

If you do not have the password required feature enabled, then follow these simple steps to set this up on any Mac:

  1. Launch “System Preferences”.
  2. Open the “Security & Privacy” preference pane and select the “General” tab.
  3. Click the checkbox next to “Require password after sleep and screen saver” – you can select either immediately or a preferred time interval.
  4. Close “System Preferences”.

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