HuskyHunt in Retrospect

In October 2012, the Internet Security Office (ISO) organized a university-wide scavenger hunt in order to increase internet security awareness among students. The initiative was dubbed HuskyHunt, and with over 1500 registered participants and positive reception of the program, the scavenger hunt was deemed a huge success.

Security topics covered throughout the game included password security, vPC (a virtual computer lab at UConn), phishing (act of obtaining information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity), the dangers of downloading media illegally, ecommerce safety, and privacy protection. Feedback from participants demonstrated that 90% of students found the topics relevant and another 63% stated they learned something new about internet security.

ISO plans to roll-out another HuskyHunt-esque game come Fall 2013, and students can expect new incentives to entice their participation, among other improvements. For more information, please contact Jason Pufahl, the Chief Information Security Officer, at


This article, by Tim Williams,  first appeared in the January 16, 2013 issue of Project Weeklies, the newsletter of the ITS Project Management Office.